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We are currently accepting applications for 3-12 year olds, born between December 15, 2012 and December 15, 2021. 

The school is established in the USA, and is currently focused on providing a school offering that aligns with a US-based time zone for the parents’ professional obligations. Latin America allows for a close to standard work schedule for Western Hemisphere remote workers.

We only choose locations we have in-person vetted with enough lifestyle options, nice places to stay and good internet speeds. Ideally in a year, we balance a larger city, with a colonial/more quaint city, with a more natural experience, be it on a beach or in the mountains.  Ideally, it will be 3 different locations a year, but sometimes 4.

World Traveling School centers on core components of Montessori schooling, including multi-age classrooms, sensory learning, specially designed materials, child-centered instruction, and an individualized pace for students.

Our classrooms are rich in developmentally appropriate materials that are beautiful allowing children to explore, engage in creative thinking, mathematical thinking and early language exploration.  We are also screen-free and there isn’t a worksheet in sight.

Essentially, the cost includes the cost of school, lunch and the day-to-day activities of the school.  This includes teaching, materials, enrichment lessons (i.e. art, music) and each school day, lunch and snacks will be provided. Some local activities and field trips are fully included, but some may have an ancillary cost. 

We max out at 10 kids per cohort.

School will last from about 8a-4p each day (subject to change and age group variation).

Between enrollment and/or at least 3 months before start, we will share the best area to book your stay.  The school addresses will be shared about 1 week before school.

Housekeeping? Babysitting? Cooking? Yes, we can help with that, but cannot guarantee the service.  At the beginning of each school year, for a tbd fee, we will send you options for your interests.

There will be family activities throughout the year and we encourage participating families and children to interact outside of the school.

We may plan family trips based on interest. Please always feel free to share suggestions.

This is highly variable based on your lifestyle and preferences. These are just estimates, but realistically, we expect you to budget $2k-$5k a month for a stay. Flights may cost between $4,000-$15,000, depending on where you’re coming from/to and how you travel. 

We do not require COVID vaccination.

We do not celebrate holidays in school. We may teach what certain holidays are, especially in relation to where we are currently, but we have school scheduled every weekday of every location.

Depending on your passport, our duration and the location, a visa or an extension may be needed.  However, we only go to places that we can stay a significant amount of time. Like everything outside of the schooling we provide, any visa costs are covered by the family. Many LATAM countries will not require a visa, but things are always changing (hello, Brazil). 

We encourage families to apply as early in advance for any needed visas.

We’ve worked hard planning each school location. While we haven’t experienced it, we know there can be barriers which might require us to change a location before arrival or even while the school is there. These barriers may be (but aren’t limited to) political, social or administrative. If the location changes, you’ll know the replacement location as far in advance as possible.

Our approach and curriculum ensure there are activities to keep your child engaged and challenged.

The school does not offer counseling, but can help facilitate it at the parents’ expense.

Because we are so small, our staff do not have the training or tools to support children with special needs.

This is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the allergy and the severity.  Because we are a small school, we do not have a school nurse. We provide meals and are in a broad range of environments, so we cannot always cater to severe allergies.

When 3+ children attend, your first tuition payment (yearly or per location) will be less $2,500 for every additional child. For instance, if 3 children are enrolled, your total tuition payment will be less $2,500. If 4 children are enrolled, your total tuition payment will be less $5,000. 

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