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Meet Our Team

Head of School

Erin M.

Erin is the driving force behind our Montessori-based, screen-free, unit-themed curriculum. She also manages and oversees the strategic planning, operations and growth of World Traveling School.

She’s been in marketing since 2010 working alongside/for small to enterprise level companies – for-profits, non-profits – across many industries. Erin works remotely as a partner in a boutique marketing agency.

She has a degree in literature, shoots for reading 100 books a year and is working on her first very long novel. As shown through World Traveling School, Erin is a huge proponent in lifestyle design and intentional living. She hopes other families will find reprieve and hope in shifting the traditional paradigm to create a value-aligning life.

Erin | World Traveling School
Andrew | World Traveling School

Head of Admissions & Programming

Andrew M.

Andrew handles admissions, as well as programming in each location.

He’s trained families, teens, young adults and financially successful adults to do the internal work needed for building self-defined meaningful lives. He’s worked in the therapeutic industry for 2 decades – successfully running 2 residential young adult programs with a full staff team and community partnerships, chaired a national committee and now does one-on-one coaching.

To better help future young adults, he ensures students have the space and tools for unabated cognitive development. No one better understands the downstream effects of Pavlovian tech use in digitally native young people. He has a degree in psychology, loves fly fishing, live music, cooking and is an avid reader.

Traveling the world teaches young and old to challenge stereotypes and realize there are other ways of living. We are constantly humbled and eternally grateful.
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