Do As I Do: Modeling Behavior As Digital Nomad Parents

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The Importance of Modeling Behavior as Digital Nomad Parents

Your child watches everything you do. As an adult, you have more autonomy over your own choices, but if you’re trying to teach a lesson, you need to lead by example.

How do I tell my kid not to be on my phone if I’m on my phone?
How do I tell my kid to say thank you if I don’t say thank you?

In the Montessori environment, teaching is done through example versus words, and the same thing goes in life.

If you don’t want your kids glued to the screen, you want to unglue yourself from your screen.

But… “I work on my computer!” “It’s a work text!”

Perhaps there are boundaries you can use to set a good example for your kids, so they have a memory of their parents’ presence.

Digital Nomad Families Who Travel Together Become Closer than Ever

At World Traveling School, we are going to do the legwork of ensuring your child has hands-on experiential learning during the weekdays. Outside of school, there are even more elements of global immersion. There’s so much to experience – feel, taste, see, touch, hear.

To get the most of the truly one-of-a-kind worldschooling Montessori experience, we encourage our parents to lead by example outside of the classroom. This not only benefits the child, but the parents’ fulfillment. We can help with the details to make this possible, whether it be finding someone to help keep house or recommending an individual or family coaching service.

The time is now to find fullness and joy in living and World Traveling School can help take you there. Join us.

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