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Make or Break? Is World Traveling School a good fit?

When choosing an education for your kids, there’s a lot to think about and at stake. The following factors are big deals for traveling families in one way or another. How do you fair? Are these reasons to enroll make or break?
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Preparing Children Early for Later Life Success with Montessori & Worldschooling

Watch this quick video to learn how you can prepare your children in childhood for later life success through Montessori and World Schooling.
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On Helicopter Parenting, Gentle Parenting & Why the Kids are Not Alright

You and your family can distance yourselves from trends that don't align with your children's developmental growth and position them for a healthier future.
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Why we are a Screen-Free Traveling School

We are a screen-free school so our students have optimal cognitive development. With this, students can lead happy and fulfilling lives.
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Brain Matters: Worldschooling & Montessori to #savethebrain

Our brains are literally changing. Call it evolution, devolution, whatever you want, but technology is literally changing what it means to be human.
World Traveling School for Digital Nomad Families

How Travel Impacts Digital Nomad Families

Travel is amazing. Not just to get that Instagram shot or to “do do do,” but to be. When you’re traveling, something happens inside.
Montessori World Schooling for Digital Nomad Families

5 Ways Traveling Impacts Open-mindedness in Digital Nomad Families

It's a big step to live abroad, but is there anything more romantic or more invigorating? Now, it's healthy for the kiddos too, since they can have the best education there is, while on the move.
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Mom, Dad & World Approved Worldschool Lunches

Wake up in the morning, get out of bed, get everyone ready for school and wait, what? No need to worry about preparing lunch because at World Traveling School, we got you!
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Montessori Play-Based Worldschooling for Digital Nomad Children

Play-based learning in primary years is crucial for children to develop a love of learning and gives them the tools they need to solve problems. Help your child’s brain reach full potential.
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