Brain Matters: Worldschooling & Montessori to #savethebrain

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Our brains are literally changing. Call it evolution, devolution, whatever you want, but technology is literally changing what it means to be human.

At World Traveling School, we’re trying to do something heroic. We want to save the brain.

We’re looking to do enough so children have the needed cognitive development and executive functions for leading autonomous and fulfilling lives.

What happens when you put someone behind a screen at 1 or 2? And then, the child goes to school and is behind a screen? How does that addictive behavior literally shape the brain?

There’s so much to gain by being a screen-free classroom. Hand-in-hand with worldschooling, it’s our hope and vision that we can keep the real connection we know or know of as adults possible for our children, so they understand in-person is not the same as online in fulfillment or health.

The students at World Traveling School will be positioned to keep their brains “traditionally” developing with a “modern” worldschooling model, that further enhances critical thinking and cognitive development.

Join us to not only give your kid the experience of a lifetime or incredible education, but to learn the real joys of being alive.

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