How Travel Impacts Digital Nomad Families

World Traveling School for Digital Nomad Families

Travel is amazing. Not just to get that Instagram shot or to “do do do,” but to be. When you’re traveling, something happens inside.

Let’s start with how travel impacts kids.

For children, they are like sponges and take it all in. They watch other kids and other people live their lives, so many different environments where everything is new and fresh. Kids develop more neural pathways processing all the information they’re taking in. They are already primed for being open-minded because they aren’t yet prone to fixed thought patterns. Children’s cognitive development, critical thinking and cultural awareness are all literally enhanced by traveling the world and having hands on-learning experiences.

How consistent travel impacts adults

Adults remember to play, go exploring, learn new things and recognize how huge the world is outside of their purview. Over time, this recognition can compound and really create a child-like perspective again, where you can synthesize information in a new (more complete) way because you’re open to seeing more perspectives and more angles.

Adults & Children Grow even more Together

Travel makes it easier for adults to be more intentional. Not only with how they spend free-time, but in creating experiences with their children. As adults and children experience the world with a child-like perspective together, the intentionality forms bonds that last a lifetime.
In Montessori, children learn to think differently.  They have a lot of space to make connections and master skills. Adding travel in there takes their learnings and open-minded disposition to the next level. Adding child-like parents to the mix brings a value and bond that cannot be measured or ever taken away.

Interested in being Digital Nomad Parents?

Take the step, leap, flight. There’s so much to gain, the things that really matter in life. Join us.

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