Make or Break? Is World Traveling School a good fit?

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When choosing an education for your kids, there’s a lot to think about and at stake. The following factors are big deals for traveling families in one way or another. How do you fair?

Are these reasons for attending World Traveling School make? Or break?

1. The school travels across Latin America


There are many reasons we are in Latin America, which includes the minimal time zone change from the US. Latin America is rich in culture, history, landscape, can generally provide a more affordable way of life AND… you can find the best food of your life in LATAM.

We only are in areas of each city that are walkable and comfortable for a family. Each location has been vetted by the school. The to dos and cultural options will keep you well occupied for the term.

2. The locations, curriculum, policy and pedagogy are in place


Our school is a school and not a traveling pod of families. It’s small in size and certainly… unique, but we have policy, procedure and expert curated curriculum and materials in place.  This allows us to provide our families with an experience they can rely on when living in 3 countries a year. It is no small feat to provide a Montessori curriculum across borders.

We announce locations a year in advance. Locations are chosen and vetted for safety, but also in terms of environment, accommodation, local resources and enrichment options, to make running such an intentional school possible.

We are Montessori and operate as such. Families can unite behind a 100+ year-old developmentally appropriate curriculum.

We use more old school communication in how the school operates. Not only do we have screen-free classrooms, but parent communication is done face-to-face, through calls, the occasional email and conferences.

For us, the more traditional approach is a huge component of who we are, why we are that way and the experience and vision we create for our students and families.  There’s enough modernity in what we’re doing, which is providing a Montessori education in 3 different countries a year.  We want to provide the richest experience possible for our students’ education.

3. We have US competitive private school pricing


For the best private school education in the US, you are looking at tuition between $20k-$55k per year. As an aside, from a cultural reference point, when you look at top international schools in Latin America, those are also between $20k-$45k per year.

We are a traveling Montessori school, things that were previously contradictions for a reason. Our effort is to provide the best education there is at the lowest cost possible. We have an up to 5:1 adult to student ratio, small class sizes, Montessori materials, AMI-certified guides, a longer school day, enrichment and lunch included and do all this traveling to 3 different countries a year.


4. 2.5-4 months is a term length


Many families can handle staying in any location for a few weeks, but what if you’re not vibing?

When you’re learning a place, we call it “the integration period.” This happens whenever you travel. What are your first impressions of a place? What are your impressions after one week? One month? They can all be different. You can really dislike a place and then see its beauty in a different way after the culture shock wears off. In the same vein, you can love a place, and then greatly dislike something about it.

The first few weeks, you’re getting used to it. The second month, you’re in your groove. The third month, you’re looking forward and saying goodbye at the same time.

To us, home is where you are.  Does that mean you love each place?  No. Do you always love even the places you love? Ha. We’re travelers. That’s a no too, right?

Benefits of 2.5-4 Month Terms

For Kids

2.5-4 months provides enough stability for kids to develop a routine and get accustomed to their surroundings.  For kids, the amount is fantastic. They get to know a place better, have routine/consistency, can learn from the same instructor for different activities across a span of time.

For adults

You make the leap (literally every 2.5-4 months). Now, it’s time to create a vision for yourself and your family, using your surroundings as the ultimate inspiration.

For instance, in each place you can be working toward something:

  • Language – We can facilitate you learning Spanish (finally?) with a person you can get to know across a whole term. You spend enough time with the person to learn a ton and can learn from 3 different people a year to get a really diverse approach to learning a new language.
  • Learn a new skill like jiu jitsu or salsa dancing
  • Take dance workout classes without feeling judged (you can boogie in LATAM!)
  • Maybe you want to get in shape and a personal trainer is finally more affordable
  • Learn to cook a certain cuisine
  • Create more QUALITY time with family
  • Make friends. Meet locals or local expats better than if you’re just breezing through
  • Or, perhaps you are so busy and need to focus on work. Without all the travel days, you can really do that better too.

In each place, the stability allows you to hire a:

  • Babysitter you can trust
  • Regular cook
  • Regular housekeeper

The length of time makes a traveling Montessori school possible, in addition to the benefits it provides for digital nomad families, as a unit and individuals.  You take what you can get. We’re providing children the best education out there, which allows parents to do that for themselves.

Is a year with World Traveling School possible for my family?

By providing continuity in education for your kids across borders, we make the digital nomad lifestyle more sustainable and robust for families. If you aligned with Make for each point, you have every reason to call us. Travel the world with your family, without compromising education.

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