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Make or Break? Is World Traveling School a good fit?

When choosing an education for your kids, there’s a lot to think about and at stake. The following factors are big deals for traveling families in one way or another. How do you fair? Are these reasons to enroll make or break?
Digital Nomad Family Worldschooling

Why we are a Screen-Free Traveling School

We are a screen-free school so our students have optimal cognitive development. With this, students can lead happy and fulfilling lives.
Traveling School Montessori for digital Nomad Family

Montessori Play-Based Worldschooling for Digital Nomad Children

Play-based learning in primary years is crucial for children to develop a love of learning and gives them the tools they need to solve problems. Help your child’s brain reach full potential.
Montessori World Schooling for Digital Nomad Families

Montessori “Mumbo Jumbo” & Worldschooling

Here are some big picture reference points to connect with why Montessori is amazing AND why World Traveling School is an optimal environment for a child.
Montessori World Schooling for Traveling Families

7 Reasons for Montessori & Our Traveling School Level-up

Are you looking for alternative schooling options? Our traveling school is about as alternative as it gets… in fact, it’s one of a kind.
Worldschooling for Traveling Families

World School in Florianopolis, Brazil

What are you looking for in a place? Good food? Inspiration? Waves? Perhaps, a spot where you can leave all your preconceptions at the door.
Baby Playing | World Traveling School

Top Things to Expect at World Traveling School

World Traveling School is a one-of-a-kind school. Like the locations, the concept is foreign! Here you have the top 3 things to expect at the school.
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