Top Things to Expect at World Traveling School

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World Traveling School is a one-of-a-kind school. Like the locations, the concept is foreign!

Here you have the top 3 things to expect at the school:


  • Continuity in education for traveling kids.
    There’s been a lot of back and forth. Is homeschooling okay for your kids? Is learning from a screen okay for your young and primary aged children? That’s certainly the parents’ decision and for many parents, the only option, if they don’t want to sacrifice the goodness of their child learning from traveling the world.Travel can be hard on kids. They like routine. So, from a school standpoint, we create the routine across borders. World Schooling with World Traveling School, your kid can learn, socialize and build a community, no matter being on the move. The teacher travels, classmates travel. Your family can travel to several locations a year, with the school.



  • Montessori-inspired Education
    Here are some of the ways we align with a Montessori education:


      • Cohort-based. Our classrooms are created closer to the old schoolhouse model, where we have different ages learning together. We love that the older kids of a cohort can teach the younger and be the leaders, while the younger ones learn from them.
      • We are screen-free. Most kids are on screens at home and then go to school to be on screens. What? While many schools across the globe are touting the latest technology, we are advertising the opposite direction. We proudly (desperately?) don’t use screens in our classrooms.
      • Montessori-trained teachers. Our teachers are Montessori-trained with Montessori school experience.
      • Work period. When the children arrive each day, the have an uninterrupted block of time to work.


  • No More Barrier for Digital Nomad Families
    You no longer need to make a decision about what you are compromising. Your kid can go to school in-person, build ongoing, location-independent relationships and have a nomadic lifestyle.You can nomad and work, with child(ren) in-tow. Your family can focus on exploring, quality of life and spending focused time together.


Read our FAQs for more details and when you’re ready to get started, Apply Now.

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