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Wake up in the morning, get out of bed, get everyone ready for school and wait, what? No need to worry about preparing lunch because at World Traveling School, we got you!

We provide in school lunches and snacks Monday through Friday. 

Our worldschool lunches-provided approach?

  • We regularly cook local food. Students will be trying food from the current country, sometimes created with even better ingredients than what is found in a restaurant or on the street.
  • We use only whole foods. Nothing processed. No added sugar. Sometimes we’ll use honey in something sweet.
  • We pay attention to oil. Only oils like tallow, olive oil and butter are used. Absolutely no vegetable oils, no seed oils.
  • We use nose-to-tail cooking. Meaning? We cook with any part of the animal, including organ meats. We try to cook bone-in as much as possible for increased nutrients.
  • Nutrient-density focus. Nutrient-dense foods will be on the menu, including bone marrow and liver. Also, plenty of veggies, fruits (avocado, açai), roots and tubers.
  • We work closely with our chefs to prepare each week’s menu and ensure any dietary restrictions are met.

Wait, my kid is supposed to eat this stuff?

We make food that appeals to the “wider” student population. For instance, Suzy may be able to eat really spicy food, but we of course, don’t do that as a norm.  We just cater our menu to be as nutrient-dense as makes sense and still accessible enough for “adventurous” simple palette eaters.

Join us tasting 3 different country’s cuisines a year. Let your own kids inspire you with all they’re willing to taste and learn to love.

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