On Helicopter Parenting, Gentle Parenting & Why the Kids are Not Alright

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Kids are no longer sad, they’re depressed. They’re no longer worried, they’re anxious. They’re not going through a hard time, they’re going through “trauma.” All this medicalization of normal human experience and emotion has left our kids weaker and less confident in themselves.

In this podcast, Abigail Shrier goes into the dangers of our culturally accepted parenting approach.

Just like with parenting, Montessori has a very cultural lens, even though Montessori is a global educational model. It’s Western to think giving children “choice” is Montessori, even if it’s not developmentally appropriate choice or it’s tied to consumerism. “Choice” in Montessori is about following your child’s educational interests, but it doesn’t mean what is so unilaterally and commonly accepted in our culture today.

So what do we do when a bunch of well intended practices developed by well intentioned people, start to cause all this harm in our kids? We go back to the drawing board and ask, how can we engineer an education and growth oriented experience to create the foundation for motivated and resilient children?

At World Traveling School, we have fallen in love with the challenge. You and your family can distance yourselves from trends that don’t align with your children’s developmental growth and position them for a healthier future. Join us for the world school experience of a lifetime.

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