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World Traveling School travels to 3 different countries a year and 9 different locations across 3 years. The teacher, parents, staff, classmates and school all travel.

What does a child learn across our 3 locations a year traveling school?

    • What it means to be a part of the fabric of so many places
    • Markets are fascinating!
    • Foreign food is amazing! (At WTS, we incorporate local food in many lunches)
    • The unique traits of local music
    • The different characteristics of local art
    • New types of flora, fauna, geology and how they overlap across place
    • Expert knowledge – local dance instructors, music teachers, art teachers, scientists, vets and other experts provide cultural enrichment for the World Traveling School curriculum
    • Diverse perspectives and lifestyles
    • How to have an open heart and mind
    • A sense of responsibility for the well-being of the global community
    • Home is where where you are

All aboard! Next stop?
Join us.

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